U3AWeb Management Service

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U3AWeb combines an information website for your members with a management system to administer your U3A The key to U3AWeb is flexibility, so you can decide which functions you will allow the member to use. Below is a list of the main features that can be offered to your members

Privacy is a key aspect of U3AWeb. Personal Information is held within password protected areas and only made available to those with the appropriate authorisation, the system is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. To access these features your members must log into the system with their own unique password. In general no email addresses are shown in U3AWeb. For certain functions email addresses can be released when the sender allows it

Managing Membership Data

The Membership Secretary has absolute control over the content of the Members Database, although they can allow access to view (but not change) this information to selected members if the need arises.

The Membership Directory shows:-

Anyone who would like to join the U3A can make an application using the website, they can be required to accept your terms and conditions of membership then enter their details. They then can pay the fee immediately through credit or debit card or pay later. Alternatively they can download an application form and send it to the Membership Secretary who can review the applications and accept or reject as necessary. The system will allow up to ten different types of membership (e.g. Full Members, Guests, Member of another U3A)

At Membership Renewal time the system will send emails or letters to each member requesting the renewal fee. It will record renewal fee payments made by cheque, standing order or bank transfer

The Membership Secretary can also print Membership Cards and produce a conformant file to be sent to U3Ahead Office for distribution of the ‘Third Age Matters’ magazine.

Interest Groups

Group Coordinators manage the list of Interest Groups and Group Leaders maintain the information held for each group including Syllabus, Location and Dates. They can book assets (e.g. meeting rooms, projector )

The Group Leaders manage the applications to join the Group, alternatively they can add the members of their group manually.

There is provision for Payment Groups which will record payments of deposits or full fees before the member is fully accepted for the Trip/Group.

The Group Leader can access a list of the group members and can communicate with them using email, either selectively or all together.

The Group Leader can download a Group Register that they can use to record attendance at the Group

Other Key Features


The U3AWeb Management System provides a comprehensive support system through both an online help desk and telephone support throughout the year

An active U3A Forum consisting of all users of U3AWeb meets regularly and defines and influences the development program and its implementation schedule

U3Aweb is a complete service operated on the web and can be accessed using any PC, Tablet or Smart Phone using a standard browser.

The annual cost of the U3AWeb management service including support is £149 plus 50p per member.

A comprehensive set of services to assist with your implementation and training are also available

If you are interested in using the U3Aweb management service and would like to know more or to request a demonstration click here to send us a message. Alternatively contact Chris Parker by phone on 01794 521674 or by email to enquiries@u3aweb.org.uk